i would like to share some of my favorite sites where i find inspiration.


rami tablamy darbuka teacher based in NYC

drumface makers of beautiful clay & metal drums based in Chicago

descarga percussion on youtube drum maker of beautiful udus & darbukas based in Athens.

david kuckhermann on youtube

shane shanahan on youtube


western skies eastern dreamsbrandon terzic & ravi padmanabha

the real dogcat DogCat ensemble

silt alsarah & the nubatones

brym al mar hannah thiem

the silk road project on youtubethe silk road ensemble

new york andalus ensemblei sincerely thank everyone for teaching me so much ever since
i joined the ensemble!

oriental dance

fat chance belly dance (FCBD)american tribal style belly dance

manhattan tribal on youtubeFCBD Sister Studio, NYC

tribe hamsa on youtubeFCBD Sister Studio, Staten Island